ken speakingOne of Ken’s missions as a Producer is to share what he’s learned throughout his career with people who want to do what he does.

Over the past few years, he’s spoken to everyone from middle school students to college performers to groups at professional theater conferences on all different theater-related subjects, such as what exactly a Producer does, how to budget a Broadway musical and how actors can improve their audition skills.

If you’re interested in having Ken speak to your group, please email for more information.


“Ken Davenport was great to work with as a guest speaker for our Broadway Access seminar. We were honored to have him lead our ‘How to Budget a Broadway Show,’ and were so lucky to have such an expert on the subject there to educate the students. Ken’s presentation was well-prepared, informative and accessible to a diverse audience. Whether the participants came in interested in theatre or not, Ken found a way to relate to them and everyone left with a greater knowledge of not only the budgeting of a broadway show but the business of Broadway as a whole. Ken’s seminar was unbelievably informative and his passion for his work came across throughout.” – Rachel Bress, Stage Door Connections

“Ken Davenport gave a spellbinding talk to 50 University of California students who are here for a four-week summer program, ‘UCLA in New York,’ that I direct. His theme was innovation, or, as he summarized it, how “To do stuff that other people don’t.” The students were captivated as he ranged from explaining how he gave free entry to virgins for My First Time; would redesign a Broadway Theater space if given the opportunity, and invented a board game ‘Be a Broadway Star.’ Ken gave an equally brilliant talk to my summer program last year, and I was struck by how the material this year was absolutely fresh and different. Last year, Ken talked about what makes a successful Broadway show, and his insights were priceless. Ken is an amazingly accomplished speaker, holding the attention of his audience in a seemingly effortless manner.” – David Hale

“Everything Ken was saying was the most interesting thing I’ve heard and I realized when I grow up I want to be just like him.”
-Gilda Guzman, UCLA Student

“Ken’s session at NMI’s conference for musical theatre writers was worth its weight in gold.  Ken can save you from making costly mistakes as well as lead you to making savvy, prudent decisions.  Beyond the insiders’ tips and tricks he shares from his own experiences in the producer’s trenches, he has an astonishing ability to help you form an action plan right now, before everyone’s eyes, filled with practical, accomplishable next steps to getting your show produced.” – Scott Guy, New Musicals Inc.