[three_fifth first]If I had a coach when I was coming up, I would have had a heck of a lot more success and a heck of a lot faster.

That’s why I set aside a few hours per week to coach and consult with upcoming Producers, Writers, and other Theater Artists like yourself to help you get your shows off the ground faster.

All shows are unique. And general advice often isn’t enough. In our private sessions, I’ll give you specific action items to help you overcome whatever obstacles you’re facing so you can get your show where you want it to be . . . and fast.

Unfortunately, because of my current schedule, I can only offer these services to a select group of clients. If you are interested in a coaching or consulting session, please fill out the form below and someone from my office will contact you shortly.

For more information on coaching or consulting, enter your name and email below:

For those individuals looking for a serious program, Ken has a personal coaching program for qualified individuals. Email for more information.


“For me, the consult meeting with Ken had a very concrete and positive result: it was the starting point for coming to NYC last December for the presentation of my play “Martha, Marina” in the Davenport Reading Series, which I enjoyed very much. Meeting Ken was very inspiring. It has definitely made me think seriously about NY productions for the plays (I was focused only on London at that point) and has showed me what would be possible there. A very pleasant and well spent hour – wish all meetings would be like that! Hope to repeat it at some point in the next future.” – Ana-Maria Bamberger

“I think about my consultation with Mr. Davenport practically every day. He was so encouraging and easy to talk to, and he motivated me so much. The one consultation I had was truly inspiring.” – Shannen Rae

“I took away from that meeting many realities of producing in New York (and beyond). By far, the biggest takeaway Ken has given me is a reminder to be me. As I watch him do his thing with passion, grace, intelligence, diligence and kindness, I remember to do mine even if it’s clumsy from time to time (which it is!).”
– Amy Knapp

“He helped us go a new direction with the title and our graphic. It was definitely better than what we had previously! I also talked to Ken about how to go about doing an industry reading of another play I’ve had success with. I felt like I learned a lot from Ken. I would love to have another personal consultation with him in the future!” – Vicki Vodrey

“I left the office with a much clearer vision of my next move. I have a renewed excitement for starting the process of getting this show produced. And some new ideas/avenues to explore, thanks to our discussion.” – Jennifer Weston

“He’s been tremendously valuable in helping me think through the many issues that emerge when creating and producing musical theatre projects.” – Laurie Windham

“I’ve found Ken to be a very valuable resource. I’ve used him to validate my thinking on specific approaches and he’s been wonderful at just shooting a quick email with a thumbs up or down on an idea.” – Carol Lampert

“I have to confess that I came very close to canceling our meeting. The most cynical part of me was equating you with those guys who promise to teach you how to make a fortune in the stock market if you only buy their book or take their course or something. But it was worth $250 for me to meet the guy who’d written so many smart things in the blog I’d been reading for the past two years. I fully expected to come away feeling that only my curiosity had been satisfied. I was dead wrong. Not only was Ken a true gentleman and genuinely interested in helping me, he turned me on to a chunk of wisdom that is turning me around. I owe him one. I owe him two!” – Jeff Jackson


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